January 12-14, 2001
San Josť City College, San Jose California

FRIDAY, January 12
1:30 pm RegistrationCommunity Room
2:00-3:00 pmConference Organizational MeetingRoom A-504
 Sponsors/Panelists/Breakout Leaders 
 Optional ProgramCommunity Room
     Video Presentation and Discussion 
     Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) Hearings 
     Part-time Faculty in California Community Colleges 
3:00-4:00 pm"Degrees of Shame" Community Room
     Video Presentation and Discussion 
     Facilitated by Barbara Wolf, Producer and Director 
4:00-6:00 pmSocialize/Caucus/Free Time 
6:00-10:00 pmReception and Dinner:Lou's Village
  1465 West San Carlos St.
     Authors' and Editors' Roundtable 
         Facilitator: Karen Thompson , Rutgers University AAUP 
             Cary Nelson, Academic Keywords 
             Michael Dubson, editor, Ghosts in the Classroom 
             Eileen E. Schell, co-editor Moving a Mountain 
             Patricia Lambert Stock, co-editor Moving a Mountain 

SATURDAY, January 13
8:00-9:00 amContinental BreakfastRoom B-201
9:15-10:45 amMORNING PLENARYTheatre
9:00 amWelcome and Acknowledgements 
9:15 amKeynote Speakers 
     Sen. John Vasconcellos 
         California State Senate, District 13 
     Hon. Scott Wildman 
9:45 amContingent Academic Labor: State of the Profession 
     Facilitator: Sandy Baringer, CPFA 
         Chris Storer, CPFA 
         Gary Zabel, COCAL, Boston 
         Vicky Smallman, CAUT, Workplace 
         Joe Berry, RAFO, Chicago 
         Jane Kerlinger, CSU Lecturer, Vice President, CFA 
         Wendy Rader-Konofalski, WFT Governmental Relations 
10:45 amBreak 
11:00-12:30 pmInteractive Breakouts - Session 1 
 #1 History of Campus Organizing:Room B-201
     Facilitator: Joe Berry, RAFO, Chicago 
         Bob Atkins, Former President, AFT/UC Berkeley 
         Rodger Scott, Former President, AFT 2121 City College of SF 
         John Hess, Regional Service Coordinator, CFA 
         Elizabeth Hoffman, CFA CSU Long Beach 
 #2 Campus Coalition Building:Room A-504
     Facilitator: Rich Moser, AAUP 
         Academic/Non-Academic Groups: Barbara Prear, UE150, UNC 
         F-T/P-T Faculty: Lantz Simpson, Santa Monica CC 
         Faculty/Students: Philip Gibson, Student, Pasadena City College 
 #3 Organizing:Community Room
     Facilitator: Sandy Baringer, CPFA 
         Individual Campus: Barbara Gottfried, AAUP/COCAL 
         Regional: Linda Cushing, CFT 
         Systemwide: Eric Marshall, CUNY 
         Statewide: Debbie Brasket, CPFA 
         Canada: Brenda McLean, University of Alberta 
         Pierre Ouellet, CUPFA 
 #4 Collective BargainingRoom B-208
     Facilitator: Beth Winters, San Jose City College 
         Linda Sperling, College Institute Educators' Assoc. of BC 
         Greg Tropea, California State University, Chico, CFA 
         Jane Buck, President, AAUP 
12:30-1:30 pmLUNCHCafeteria
     Barbecue: San Jose Firefighters, IAFF Local 230 
     Special Guests: DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam) 
1:45 pmRabble-A Theatre TroupeTheatre
2:00-3:30 pmAFTERNOON PLENARYTheatre
2:00 pmKeynotes Speakers: 
     Linda Collins 
         President, State Academic Senate for Community Colleges 
     Jane Buck 
         President, AAUP 
2:30 pmContingent Labor and the Disciplines: A Round-Table Discussion 
     Facilitator: David Kuchta, University of California, San Diego 
         Cary Nelson, Jubilee Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
         University of Illinois, author and editor 
         James Richardson, Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno 
         Past President of the AAUP 
         Charles Zappia, History, San Diego Mesa College 
         AHA Professional Division 
         Susan Griffin, English, UCLA, and member of UC-AFT 
3:30 pmBreak 
3:45-4:45 pmInteractive Breakouts Session II 
 #1 Litigation: 
     Steve Festor, Bendich, Strobaugh and Strong, Seattle 
 #2 Legislation/Lobbying: 
     David Hawkins, Government Affairs Director, FACCC 
 #3 Public Relations: Using the Media to Promote your Cause 
     Facilitator: Mark Blum, CWA  
 #4 Direct Action (focus on work actions from informational picketing to acts of civil disobedience) 
     Facilitator: Vicky Smallman, CAUT, Workplace 
         Andrea Harrington, York University, Toronto, Member CUPE 3903 
4:45 pmBREAK 
5:00 pmStrategies and Solutions Panel:Theatre
 How litigation, legislation, and organizing can work together 
 Facilitator: Greg Tropea, CSU Chico, CFA 
     David West, Center for a Changing Workforce, Seattle 
     Lantz Simpson, Santa Monica College 
     Maria Peluso, Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Assoc. 
     Jonathan McLeod, Faculty Association for Public Higher Education (FCPHE) 
     Amy Dean, South Bay Labor Council 
6:15 pmMLK Candlelight Vigil 
6:30 pmSocial 
7:00 pmDinner: On Your Own 

SUNDAY, January 14
8:00 amRegistrationCommunity Room
 Continental Breakfast 
8:30 pmBrief Welcome, Introductions, Summary of Saturday 
9:00 amDiscussion: A2K2-California and Beyond: National Equity Week 
     Facilitator: Martin Goldstein 
         Linda Cushing, CFT 
         Margaret Quan, CPFA 
         Rich Moser, AAUP 
9:55 amA Vote of support for and commitment to National Equity Week 
10:00 amBREAK 
10:15-11:15 amWorking Breakouts on aspects of National Equity Week 2001 
     #1Minimum Conditions for Academic Labor (Bill of Worker's Rights) 
     #2 State Initiatives (Equal Pay for Equal Work) 
     #3 Legislation: State / Federal 
11:30 amReports from Equity Week Breakout GroupsCommunity Room
12:00 pmBrown Bag Lunch and Regional Meetings(Rooms assigned as needed)
 California Higher Ed Coalition (CCC, CSU, and UC and Grad St.) 
 Other Regions 
12:45 pmRegional ReportsCommunity Room
1:15 pmNational Equity Week 2001 Steering Committee Structure
Communications, Decision Making, Financing, Date, Publicity
2:00 pmConference Adjourned 

For further information regarding the conference contact:
Mary Ellen Goodwin
(408) 378-7888

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