January 12-14, 2001
San Josť City College, San Jose California

Linda Collins, President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
Keynote Speaker

Linda Collins is currently President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges representing the faculty members of all 108 California community colleges on academic and professional issues at the state level.

A faculty member at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, CA, she teaches sociology and interdisciplinary courses in applied ethics and social issues. She has served as both a local college and district academic senate president.

Prior to her election as state Academic Senate President, she served as an officer on the Senate Executive Board, chaired the Senate Research Committee and served on the Educational Policies Committee. She has been a lead author on numerous policy papers adopted by the Academic Senate plenary body, including papers on the use of part-time faculty in the California community colleges, academic freedom and tenure, performance based funding, enrollment management, program review and faculty perspectives on the future of the community colleges.

In all of her activities, President Collins is dedicated to improving the educational opportunities and achievements of all community college students. An advocate for the essential role of the community colleges as the cauldron of a dynamic and vibrant multicultural society, President Collins works to secure better public support for these precious and essential institutions of public higher education.

President Collins has represented the Academic Senate on numerous state level task forces and committees, including the state Consultation Council, the Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates (ICAS), the Chancellor's 2005 Task Force, as well as task forces on Education Code Revision, the Partnership for Excellence, the 50% Law and the Part-time Issues Task Force. She is currently the Project Director of the Intersegmental Major Preparation Articulated Curriculum (IMPAC), a project of ICAS designed to facilitate student transfer by convening faculty across all segments of public higher education to address faculty expectations for lower division major preparation. The Senate believes that faculty-to-faculty dialogues across institutions are a critical tool for building the profession and for sparking faculty-driven change in higher education.

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is committed to ensuring that the expertise and experience of the faculty inform public educational policy on behalf of our students.

Prior to securing her full-time position, Linda had had taught nine years as a part-timer position; she was a freeway flyer during that time.

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