January 12-14, 2001
San Josť City College, San Jose California

Karen Thompson, Rutgers University
Facilitator: Author's Roundtable

Karen Thompson has taught part-time in the Rutgers English Dept.'s Writing Program for over 20 years. She initiated and helped organize the Part-Time Chapter of the Rutgers AAUP 15 years ago and has since held various local leadership positions including negotiations committee chair and chapter president. She is co-chair, along with Eileen Schell, of the CCCC's Committee on the Working Conditions of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty, and serves on the national AAUP's Committee on Part-Time and Non-Tenure-Track Appointments. She has an article in Cary Nelson's Will Teach for Food and another in Eileen Schell and Patti Stock's Moving a Mountain.

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