January 12-14, 2001
San Josť City College, San Jose California

Assemblymember Scott Wildman

Leadership, Experience, Integrity

Neighborhood Advocate

Scott Wildman is running for the Los Angeles City Council in order to continue his commitment to effective representation and advocacy for the Los Angeles neighborhoods in the 13th Council District. He has served for the past four years as a member of the California State Legislature fighting for Los Angeles school children, for taxpayers, and for the needs of the working poor. Scott has been a fierce advocate for open space, responsible development, and community based public safety strategies.

Scott's highest district priorities have been constituent services and proactive outreach to the broadest range of community residents, organizations, and businesses. He now wants to continue this commitment to public service by bringing a higher level of responsiveness to community needs and to establish strict accountability in Los Angeles city government.

Real Life Experience

Scott Wildman learned the value of hard work and commitment as a young man working with Cesar Chavez organizing for justice and better working conditions for farm workers. He raised his family as a master printing press operator and later started his own commercial printing business. After the company he built suffered irreparable earthquake damage, Scott returned to his first love -- teaching. As a classroom teacher and later a resource teacher, Scott became a specialist in helping at-risk students succeed by developing curricula, introducing new classroom technologies, and training teachers. Scott was also elected Vice President of his California Teacher's Assn. Local and subsequently served as the chief union negotiator for contracts in the public sector.

Scott is married to Arlene Irlando, an attorney respected for her professional and community service in the areas of civil rights, family and immigration law, and civilian oversight of law enforcement. Scott and Arlene are the proud parents of five adult children and they now have seven grandchildren.

Four Years of Effective Leadership & Representation

Scott Wildman's decision to run for elective office was rooted in his experiences as a leader of the statewide coalition to stop the devastating transfer of local tax revenues to Sacramento during the early 90's. As a member of the State Assembly, he has continued to lead the fight to return local tax dollars to cities and counties to pay for much needed local services. Now completing his second Assembly term, Scott has distinguished himself as the Chairman of the powerful Joint Legislative Audit Committee and the Assembly Committee on Long Term Aviation Planning.

Scott Wildman has been the recipient of numerous legislative awards from organizations such as the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood. In recognition of his legislative effectiveness, Scott has been honored as statewide Legislator of the Year by the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the California Hemophilia Council, the California Association of School Psychologists, the Pacific Alliance of Building Service Contractors, and the California Federation of Teachers.

A Record of Accomplishment

Assemblyman Wildman's legislation has had a profound effect on statewide policy in many areas and has directly benefited his constituents in the communities he represents:

® Education - Scott is a tireless advocate for revitalizing public education through smaller class size, fairer salaries for teachers, stronger educational standards, increased parental involvement and strict accountability from all stakeholders. He has written new laws to expand teacher training, to increase school safety, and to assist and improve our community colleges. He wrote the bill that would help establish partnerships between cities and schools to jointly operate libraries and parks, and wrote the paraprofessional teacher training act that is placing 3300 new qualified teachers in our classrooms.

® Government Waste - As Chairman of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, Scott has fought to expose fraud, waste, and mismanagement by government bureaucracies, directing over 150 performance audits and conducting over two dozen legislative investigations into governmental inefficiencies. He is working to make government accountable to taxpayers by formulating cost saving strategies for school construction and modernization. He initiated and relentlessly pursued the investigation of the Belmont Learning Complex fiasco and exposed hundreds of millions of dollars of improper spending in dozens of other failed government run projects.

® Public Safety - Hailed by the Los Angeles Police Protective League as "one of the most effective legislators in the State Capitol for law enforcement," Scott introduced legislation that restored millions of dollars annually for police and fire services in Los Angeles and neighboring communities. He authored laws that crack down on sex offenders and on felons who use or possess bulletproof body armor.

® Jobs & Economic Development - Scott has led the charge to preserve the jobs of below-the-line workers in the entertainment industry, now threatened by the specter of "runaway production." As a proponent of "smart growth," he has authored legislation to reform abuses by redevelopment agencies and has spearheaded efforts to control the underground economy and promote good paying jobs for working families in Los Angeles.

® Health Care - As an author of California's "Patient Bill of Rights," he has played a key role in promoting reform in the health care industry and expanded health coverage for children and the indigent. Audit reports and hearings conducted by Scott Wildman have identified HMO abuses and have led to significant initiatives to protect the rights of consumers and of taxpayers. He has been a tireless advocate for the developmentally disabled, authoring landmark legislation to improve the quality of care for the most fragile Californians.

® Environment - Scott is a strong proponent of environmental justice for urban neighborhoods. He is a leader in the battle to preserve open space and create new parks and recreation areas in Los Angeles, to complete the L.A. River parkway, and to implement the Master Plan for the Silver Lake Reservoir. Boasting an impressive 100% voting record from environmental organizations, he was also the first state legislator in California to drive an electric car as his official district vehicle.

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