COCAL IV Papers and Commentary

Keynote Address for COCAL IV - Jane Buck, President, AAUP

Roundtable Speech by Michael Dubson, author of Ghosts in the Classroom

Workshop on Bargaining for Non-Regular Faculty - Presentation by Linda Sperling, Staff Representative, College Institute Educators Association, Vancouver, BC Canada

Lyrics to The Twelve Days of Bargaining - The Rabble A Troupe production

COCAL IV: A Retrospective - Commentary by Mary Ellen Goodwin

Quotable Quotes from COCAL IV

Importance of the British Columbia Pro-Rata Policies for Advocacy in the US - Commentary by Jack Longmate, Chair, Caucus on Part-Time Employment Concerns (COPTEC) of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Adjunct English Instructor, Olympic College, Bremerton, Washington

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