COCAL IV Papers and Commentary


"You (community colleges) have the future in your hands and you should have equal pay for equal work."

Hon. Scott Wildman
Former Assemblymember
Recipient of the First Annual Freeway Flyer Award
"It's unfair that full-time faculty have 19% more responsibility than part-time faculty but part-timers earn 50% of full-timers."

Hon. Elaine Alquist
Assemblymember, 22nd District
Chair of the Higher Education Committee
"The community colleges are the cauldrons of social mobility that make this country great and provide the infrastructure of democracy, but the mobility chances of part-timers are a daily lie to the above premise that the community colleges are built on."
Linda Collins, President
Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges

"The struggle must be joined by the ranks of the tenured faculty who must abandon their relative security and educate the public and lawmakers in the fight for academic freedom, tenure, and shared governance."

"Don't die until you know you will be replaced with tenured faculty."
Jane Buck, President
American Association of University Professors

"There're no jobs in higher education but there's a lot of work"
Susan Griffin, UCLA

"Use of marginalized professionals on temporary assignment to staff our colleges and universities is short-sighted. It exploits the idealism of faculty while hiding actual costs incurred from increased administrative workload. It also burdens regular full-time faculty who must shoulder an increasing amount of the professional activities demanded by quality academic institutions."
Lantz Simpson,
CPFA Legislative Analyst
President of the Santa Monica College Faculty Association.

"If students make no distinction between part-time and full time instructors, neither should the payroll office."
Ralph Sutter
CPFA Webmaster
Member AFT 4909 Executive Board

My mantra:
"When fighting for part-time faculty equity, my shame has no basement."
Margaret Quan,
PT Representative, FACCC Board of Governors
CPFA Member

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