COCAL IV Papers and Commentary

COCAL IV: A Retrospective
by Mary Ellen Goodwin

While a more lengthy report on COCAL IV is in the works, here is a brief synopsis of mainstream press coverage of the conference.

Following is the link to the San Jose Mercury story on the conference. While, the story lacks in-depth reporting as far as the content of the conference activities, it does indeed expose the issues which we have been trying to get reported for so long.

Gloria Heller and Emilio Bruna, a part-time instructor from El Paso, Texas, did a live interview with the local Spanish station, and I did a recorded "live" interview with local radio, KLIV. Whether either of these interviews actually aired, I don't know.

A reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education spent the entire three days at the conference, so I think we can expect an excellent report on conference proceedings to appear there.

Mary Ellen

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